Friday, July 11, 2014

Facebook is at it again! #ImJustABlogger #ShowMeInYourNewsfeed

Facebook is at it again. Not that any of us should be surprised. Changes, changes and more changes ..... and more calls to spend your money on ads so that people (your followers) can "see" your posts. I don't know about you folks, but I am tired of it. 

Facebook is at it again! #ImJustABlogger #ShowMeInYourNewsfeed

I could go off on a rant .... I could. But I won't. 

While I understand any business needs money to function (believe me, I "get" that) .... I think it is unfair to extort money from bloggers who don't don't sell anything and have business pages because that's the way Facebook is set up. I'm a blogger ... a housewife. Facebook tells me that I need to spend $50 a day ... a day!! ... so people can see my posts in their newsfeeds?! Yeah, let me go pick that off the money tree in my backyard. I don't have the funds like those big companies to pay Facebook to give me a "Facebook Account Manager that will make sure I get the most out of my investment" ...... and I'm gonna guess that most bloggers don't. It's ludicrous. Facebook is telling me that they will only put my page in my fans newsfeeds if I pay them a ridiculous amount of money?! $1500 a month?! My fans liked my page because they obviously wanted to see my posts. Why do I have to fight like heck to be seen?! What happened to Facebook is free - it always will be?

Facebook is at it again! #ImJustABlogger #ShowMeInYourNewsfeed

Since I am a big believer in the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA, I'm going to hashtag the heck out of #ImJustABlogger #ShowMeInYourNewsfeed .... I hope other bloggers will do the same ... make it go viral and make people notice. Maybe Facebook will realize that although we have "business pages," we are bloggers. Just bloggers. We do this because we love sharing what we do with other people - not because we're out to get rich. It's sad that Facebook has become so hung up on money that it has become their only focus. 

I would love to hear from you - leave a comment, stop by my Facebook page and feel free to join me in hashtagging. 

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